Our Family Photography

Outdoor, Indoor or On-Location

We provide outdoor sessions, in-studio sessions and on-location sessions (at your home, or an indoor location of your choice).

Formal Portraits or Creative Candid

For our formal photos we take high quality, sharp images where everyone is in-focus, smiling with their eyes open. For the more creative sessions we focus on different poses, creative angles and candid moments.

Large Groups and Pets Outdoors

Large groups and families looking to incorporate their pets are NOT able to book at our studio due to size limitations within the studio.

Let's Get Creative

We always welcome suggestions and ideas. We aren't above doing 'cheesy' family photos. Let's get creative, have some fun and take some great pictures!

Family Packages and Prices

Family Photo Session + Canvas

$250+ HST

  • 1 Hour Family Photo Session
  • Minimum 15 Different Shots
  • Full Resolution Digital Photographs
  • Personalized CD containing Edited Photos
  • Stunning 16" X 24" Print on Canvas

Additional Information

Preparing your Family


Think of your preferred location.

Outside and indoors will give very different pictures. Outside we can move around, get creative and accommodate large groups. Indoors we can really control the light and get very crisp photos with props and backgrounds. Think about what you'd like and choose accordingly.


Pets are welcome.

If you want photos with your pets we can accommodate you but the session will need to be outdoors.


Let us know your style.

If you use Pinterest, send us some photos that your absolutely LOVE and we will be sure to incorporate that style into your photo session.

Book your session early.

To ensure the date that you want, we suggest you book your family photos early. We like to shoot our sessions in the 'golden hours' which is typically early morning and around dusk.

Clothing Suggestions


Bring extra layers in case you get cold.

This is especially true with winter sessions, but even other seasons the temperature can drop quickly, especially since we love to shoot around dusk.


Coordinate Your Outfits.

You don't all need to dress in the exact same shirt but subtle color coordination looks nice in pictures.


AVOID wearing any clothes that have large logos, printing or extreme colors.

It is very distracting in the final pictures. The exception is if the outfits serve a special purpose or theme.

We provide blankets to sit on.

Sometimes we will ask you to sit in a more natural surrounding, if you are uncomfortable with this, let us know and we can accommodate you.

What You Get From Us
We Are


We guarantee you a minimum of 15 different photos.

These photos will be professionally edited and retouched to ensure perfect color balance and toning.


We provide a personalized DVD with all the photos as digital prints.

Your photos will come on a personalized DVD for you to cherish.


We provide unmarked Full Resolution digital prints.

Full resolution images are great for printing. They come to you with no watermark, and ready to go to your favorite printers.


We also provide Internet Ready digital prints.

These prints are smaller in resolution and are great for sharing with friends and family over the internet.

We print on the highest quality canvas.

All our canvas printing is out-sourced to a professional printing company using world class printers, state-of-the-art procedures and the highest quality materials