Our Wedding Photography

We Shoot The Full Day

We want to tell the whole story of your wedding, which means being there from the time you start getting ready, right until that time when your guests start to pull out their crazy dance moves.

Always Two Photographers

Shooting with two photographers lets us capture multiple angles. This ensures that we will get better pictures, different perspectives and more candid moments for you to cherish.

Own Your Wedding Photos

Many photographers will retain the rights to your photos so that if you want to make any prints you will have to go through them. We supply you with the Full Resolution Digital Prints so that you can print your photos yourself, as big as you would like.

Everything Ready in 6 Weeks

We know how exciting it is to finally get to see your wedding pictures, so to alleviate some of that anxiety we always provide a couple teaser pictures within a few days that you can show off to your friends and family.

Wedding Packages + Pricing

Silver Package

$1400+ HST

  • Pre Wedding Consultation
  • Full Day Photography Coverage
  • Two On-Site Photographers
  • Full Resolution Digital Photographs
  • Personalized Wedding DVD
  • Video Coverage of Wedding Speeches
  • Hardcover Photo Book
  • Engagement Photography
  • Video Messages from the Guests
  • 16" X 24" Canvas Print (Of Your Choice)
  • Four 8" X 10" Photo Prints

Diamond Package

$2100+ HST

  • Pre Wedding Consultation
  • Full Day Photography Coverage
  • Two On-Site Photographers
  • Full Resolution Digital Photographs
  • Personalized Wedding DVD
  • Video Coverage of Wedding Speeches
  • Hardcover Photo Book
  • Engagement Photography
  • Video Messages from the Guests
  • 16" X 24" Canvas Print (Of Your Choice)
  • Four 8" X 10" Photo Prints

A Typical Wedding Day

Wedding Details
It's All In The


Getting All The Details

We make sure to shoot nice close-up shots of the important details. The rings, the dress, the shoes, the jewellery, the ties, the flowers, all the items that make up your special day.


It's The Little Things...

From the center pieces, the party favors, the decorations, the table settings and everything in between, we know how much work you put into making your wedding look the way you want it to, so we make sure to take pictures of all of it.


Location, Location, Location

You are going to remember the place you got married for the rest of your life. We like to take scenic shots of the locations throughout the day to capture just how beautiful your wedding space was.

Let Us Know Of Special Requests

Anything that is significant to you, anything you would like us to photograph for you, let us know. That's what you hired us for and we always love to capture those personal touches.

Before The Ceremony


The Candid Approach

During this time we won't ask you to pose for pictures. We're there as a fly on the wall; to document this time and take a lot of great candid shots


For The Bride

We'll be there for the moment the dress is laced up, the reactions of the bridesmaids and parents and any other specific shot that you would like.


For The Groom

We'll be there as you put the finishing touches to your suit, as you relax with your groomsmen and while you have your final drink as a single gentleman.

As Involved As You'd Like

Some people love the before-the-wedding shots, other find it awkward. Let us know your preference and we will be sure to accommodate you.

Wedding Ceremony


Those Key Moments

The ceremony is all about capturing those key candid shots that will help you to remember just how special your wedding day is. The kiss, the vows, the first glance of the bride, the signing of the registry, these are the moments that make the day.


Two Different Angles

Generally we set up with one photographer at the back with a long telephoto lens, and the other photographer at the front, moving around to capture different shots and angles. This set up ensures that we get a wide variety of photos for you.


Close-Up Shots

Our professional equipment helps us to take a lot of photos not possible to your typical guest. Close-ups, detail shots and full scene shots will be some of the special photos you will recieve from us.

Video Options Available

We do have an option to record your wedding ceremony if you would like. We are able to provide high quality video and sound recordings for an additional fee. If you are interested, please feel free to ask us about it.

The Formals
Time To


Plan For About 2 Hours

We advise couples to factor about two (2) hours between the ceremony and the reception so that we have plenty of time to take the required pictures.


From Big To Small

Typically we like to start big, with a photo of your entire wedding, all the guests at once. From there we move to family photos, then to just the wedding party, then to just the couple.


Family Photos

Family photos can be time consuming as it takes a lot to organize large groups. Really think about which family shots you'd like at this time and stick to the plan. We can always get photos with extended family during the reception.


Wedding Party + Couple

This is where we really like to get creative. We will have scouted your wedding location beforehand and chosen some nice scenes and spots to bring your wedding party. Once we get those shots, we send them away and concentrate on the bride and groom.

Let Us Know Your Style

We really like to get an idea of your style beforehand. Thank goodness for Pinterest! Our best advice is create a board, we'll take a look before your wedding and make a plan tailored to your style.

The Reception


Candid Shots

For the reception we make sure to get plenty of photos of your guests having fun. We take plenty of detail shots and a lot of candid shots.


Those Important Moments

We make sure to take a lot of pictures of the important moments such as cutting the cake, the first dance, the father-daughter dance, tossing the bouquet, etc.


Video Options Available

The premium packages offer video recordings of the speeches, this is a great way to remember those heartfelt words said by your close friends and family members. All our video recordings are done in HD definition, and we supply professional quality audio equipment to ensure crystal clear sound.

We Are There For You

If you see something you`d like us to photograph let us know, and feel free to let your guests know as well. We`re there to document your day, if anyone wants a photo we are happy to oblige them.

The Party
Time To


There Until 10PM

Generally we photograph until 10PM so if you have anything you`d like to have photographed, make sure to plan it before then.


Getting Those Dance Moves

As the evening activities come to and end and the dancing begins we make sure to capture the dancing and the party.


Video Messages Available

The premium packages offer a video message from the guests. At this time we allow guests of the wedding to record a brief message to the bride and groom, we then compile all these messages into a short, heartfelt video for you to cherish.

Turning Off The Cameras

We turn our cameras off around then for the benefit of your guests, as often times we have found people find it hard to relax and let their guard down if they know the photographers are still shooting.