Our Maternity Photography

Bring The Family

Don't forget to bring Dad and the family along and let them in on the fun. If you have pets that you would like to incorporate, bring them along for the outdoor portion of the session.

Outdoor + Indoor Session

We encourage our clients to first come into our studio for some beautiful portrait style photos. Next we head outside to capture some creative shots in nature that include Dad and the family.

Your Comfort Level

Maternity photos can vary from conservative to risqué depending on the person. Let us know what you're comfortable with and we will be sure to accommodate.

Bring Along Some Props

If you have a special item or prop that you'd like to include bring it along. Usually this includes baby shoes, ultrasound pictures, and sentimental items, although don't hesitate to bring unique, humorous and fun items as well.

Maternity Packages and Prices

Maternity Photo Session Only

$125 + HST

  • 1 Hour Maternity Photo Session
  • Minimum 15 Different Shots
  • Full Resolution Digital Photographs
  • Personalized CD containing Edited Photos
  • Stunning 16" X 24" Print on Canvas
  • 2 Hour Newborn Photo Session

Maternity Photo Session + Canvas

$250+ HST

  • 1 Hour Maternity Photo Session
  • Minimum 15 Different Shots
  • Full Resolution Digital Photographs
  • Personalized CD containing Edited Photos
  • Stunning 16" X 24" Print on Canvas
  • 2 Hour Newborn Photo Session

Additional Information

Preparing for Maternity
Embrace The


The best time for maternity photos is your 7th and 8th months.

We provide a small questionnaire before the session to learn a little bit you and your partner. Please fill it out as it will help us to organize the photo session with your interests in mind.


Let us know your style.

If you use Pinterest, send us some photos that you absolutely LOVE and we will be sure to incorporate that style into your photo session.

Book your session early.

To ensure the date that you want, we suggest you book your maternity session early. We like to shoot our engagement sessions in the 'golden hours' which is typically early morning and around dusk.

Dressing for Maternity


Dress to show off the bump.

Wear form fitting clothes, as baggy outfits will mask the belly. Consider a long, flowing dress.


Make sure you are comfortable during the session.

Some people want to show the bare belly, other's don't. We respect your comfort level and won't ask you to do any pictures you aren't comfortable with.


Coordinate your outfit with your partner.

It doesn't need to be exactly the same, but we suggest you wear the same style and colors. It looks better in pictures.


AVOID wearing any clothes that have large logos, printing or extreme colors.

It is very distracting in the final pictures. The exception is if the outfits serve a special purpose or theme.

Bring a wardrobe change.

We will be shooting at different locations and it's nice to see some diversity in the final pictures.

What To Bring To Maternity
Make It


Bring along any special items or props.

Be sure to bring anything that you would like in the photos. Some suggestions include baby shoes, ultrasound pictures, and personal belongings that hold sentimental significance.


Bring your family.

A new baby coming is exciting for the whole family. We gladly encourage Dad, the kids and even the pets to take part in the sessions.


Bring extra layers in case you get cold.

This is especially true with winter sessions, but even in other seasons the temperature can drop quickly, especially since we love to shoot around dusk.

We provide blankets to sit on.

Sometimes we will ask you to sit or lay in a natural surrounding, if you are uncomfortable with this, let us know and we can accommodate you.

What You Receive From Us
We Are


We guarantee you a minimum of 15 different photos.

These photos will be professionally edited and retouched to ensure perfect color balance and toning.


We provide a personalized DVD with all the photos as digital prints.

Your photos will come on a personalized DVD for you to cherish.


We provide unmarked Full Resolution digital prints.

Full resolution images are great for printing. They come to you with no watermark, and ready to go to your favorite printers.


We also provide Internet Ready digital prints.

These prints are smaller in resolution and are great for sharing with friends and family over the internet.

We print on the highest quality canvas.

All our canvas printing is out-sourced to a professional printing company using world class printers, state-of-the-art procedures and the highest quality materials